Chapter 1 About the Queen

The Story of the Room Makeover Queen

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Queen who had been given a magical gift. She possessed a special power and talent that allowed her to turn hum-drum rooms into royal showplaces. She shared this knowledge throughout the land, creating royal rooms at affordable costs and became known across the country as the Room Makeover Queen.

The Queen Speaks!

The Queen Speaks!
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Word continued to spread about this imaginative Queen who created royal rooms. People called from near and far for ideas and suggestions that only the Room Makeover Queen could envision.

The Queen was kind and good and always asked for the people's input. She wanted them happy and knew she needed each room to reflect their style, ideas and memories.

She was generous with her time and got to know the people. "We will have a great time putting your room together," she said. Hereupon the Queen thought, "I can use your furniture and special belongings."

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Room Makeover before

3 days, less than $800
for the ENTIRE room

Room Makeover after

Room Makeover
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She began with a sparkle in her eye and a wave of her hand. She exclaimed, "We will re-arrange your furniture, move around items you already have to save time and money and create a royal showplace. I am here to help and serve you - as much or as little as you need me to." The people said, "She has plenty good sense and is clever as can be!"

All were amazed at what they saw and what it cost. It was not a king's ransom to make a room over. The Room Makeover Queen became known for providing regal treatment with her kindness and wonderful plans for each Lady, Lord, Princess and Princes' royal rooms. Once she was done making over their rooms, they all celebrated with great splendor and took such pleasure in the magnificent rooms she made!

This entire room was redesigned in 3 days. For only $496 in materials and $300 for the Room Makeover Queen's expertise.
Less than $800 TOTAL for an entire NEW room.
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Room Makeover Before...

Room Makeover before

Room Makeover ...After   

Room Makeover before
The Room Makeover Queen

How the Hum-Drum Room Became a Royal Showplace