Chapter 7 Frequently Asked Questions

The Story of the Room Makeover Queen

Get to know the Queen. Find out how her experiences have made redesign so important in her life. And find out how to find YOU in your home!

Questions About and For the Queen

return to topWho is The Room Makeover Queen?
The Queen's personal story I am a single mom. I have a beautiful 11 year old daughter. I was married for 13 years when my husband was called to duty for the 2nd time. He's a soldier in the Massachusetts National Guard, our daughter was 5 then. My husband returned home after serving 13 months in Afghanistan. It was a difficult time for all of us.
I know how difficult an adjustment it is and how important it is to have a Fresh Start and move on.
return to topHow can decorating help?
One of the things that helped me and my daughter was changing our recreate our personal spaces and make them our own. I made-over my bedroom to reflect my personal style and did the same for my daughter. It gave us something positive to do and something special when we were done....our own retreat.
I would like to help you do the same, to have a Fresh Start by creating your personal space in your home. It's a very rewarding and empowering experience. You get to know yourself, your likes and dislikes in a very intimate way.
return to topO'kay, so how do I start creating my personal space?
Look at each piece in the room you are doing, decide if you like it or don't... and why? If necessary write it down. This will help to keep your plan for the room organized.
return to topWould you get rid of everything?
Most of us don't have that option, due to budget constraints. The divorce has changed your financial picture as well.
You will need to decide if maybe the color could be changed, painted..etc. if the piece can be re-purposed. Then you may love it once it becomes yours!!!
The furniture arrangement may be one that suited your former The couch may face the TV. You may want to create a new focal point. Maybe you would like to face the fireplace or you have a view that you love to look at while you have your morning coffee.
return to topHow can I make my space more intimate?
You want to create small vignettes; little seating areas that take in the view or have a purpose such as a reading nook, 2 small chairs and a table create a conversation area, ...scrap booking table for you and your friends. These are areas that bring you to a room. Click here for examples.
What about color?
Excellent question! Come up with a color scheme for your space.
But I don't know anything about I'm afraid to jump in! How do I create my color scheme?
There are ways to decide on a color scheme for a room. One would be to pick your favorite color. See how that works with the feeling you are going for. For example, If you want a tranquil room and your favorite color is may want to keep that color to a minimum as an accent and not the main color in the space.
Choose a color that maybe looks good on you. So check your closet. What color do you wear often and receive compliments on?
Another option is to go through magazines, find a room you like and try to mimic it. You can do a lot with what you already have to create a new feeling. All it takes is some color, accessories and imagination.
return to topYou say a lot about needing to de-clutter/ organize the space. Is there an easy way to do this?
You want to make piles ...first go through and decide what is keep, what is give away or yard sale and what is toss.
Toss is easy; get rid of it!!!
Give away or yard sale depends on how adventurous you are. 
The keep pile will need to be further divided.... You can keep sentimental things but you may not need to display everything.
Categorize your keep pile; everything that is alike needs to stay together and be stored together in baskets, files or boxes labeled clearly.
The items you keep to display needs to work in your room, be special....items you absolutely LOVE!!!
The Queen tells you how to find YOU in your home

The Queen was helped through a difficult time by recreating a personal space and making it her own.

return to topGreat! How do we bring all this together?
Now you have your focal point, new furniture arrangement...focusing on something that makes you happy.
A new color that reflects your style and the feeling you want for the room.
Your furniture pieces are cohesive with a paint color that brings them all together or the new arrangement. You can bring new life to your upholstered pieces by adding a great throw blanket and new pillows (or steal some decorative pillows from another room and they have taken on a whole new life).
Your draperies should be simple. A nice roman blind, or simple floor length panels add dramatic color and simplify your design. Always mount your drapery rods outside of the window frame so your drapes actually are on the wall. That way you don't obstruct any of your view and make your windows appear larger.
Wall art; add a mirror across from a window to reflect light. Only use pictures you really love, photos keep all the frames the same, if they aren't already PAINT them!!!
Accessories should be simple....only your FAVORITE pieces on display. Add some live plants or fresh cut flowers and you are done!!!!return to top
The Room Makeover Queen

How the Hum-Drum Room Became a Royal Showplace