Chapter 5 Re-Design/Room Makeover

The Story of the Room Makeover Queen

The Room Makeover Queen wants to hear your voice. She wants you to let her know what you are seeking for re-design so she can capture your vision and create a room of your dreams.

In a matter of days and for less than the cost of one new piece of furniture, the Queen can completely make over your room!

The Queen will examine the pieces in your space, measure, and take photos. She will then conjure a magnificent design plan.

Home Staging, Room Makeover and
Re-Design packages available
~ starting at $150 ~
The Queen Speaks!

The Queen will use items that you already have, with accessories and color to create Your Royal Showplace.

This is  NOT expensive; the Queen never wants you to empty your treasure chest! She knows many people wait to re-decorate because they think they need new furniture or they don't know where to begin, or how to put everything together…. Fear Not! That is where the Room Makeover Queen can help and make it an exciting adventure at a minimal cost.

With the Queen's vast wisdom she can use what you already have in fresh and creative ways. The Queen can customize a new look out of items your presently own.....saving you money while creating the room of your dreams.

   The Room Makeover Queen...
providing the Royal Treatment

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Room Makeover...
Room Makeover...
Room Makeover...
Room Makeover...

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contact the Queen

The Room Makeover Queen will not only use items that you have but she will pull everything together with accessories and color to create Your Royal Showplace.

The Queen is very loyal and will be there for you from start to finish. In a matter of days and for probably less than the cost of one new piece of furniture completely make over your room with her magical touches!

The Queen will take a peek around your castle to see if there are other items she can use in your space. There may be pieces that simply need to be updated. By using what you already have, she can keep the cost down.

Choosing a new color, changing the window treatments, re-arranging the furniture, proper lighting and key accessory placement can produce magical happenings. Together we can create the room you have always dreamed of, for much less than you imagined. Never costing a king's treasure! Upon completion The Queen's heart becomes more joyful as she watches the happiness on everyone's face!

The Room Makeover Queen looks forward to meeting you and starting on your project and room transformation!

  Gift certificates available!
What a unique idea!
The Room Makeover Queen

How the Hum-Drum Room Became a Royal Showplace