Chapter 4 Home Staging

The Story of the Room Makeover Queen

The Room Makeover Queen recognizes that buyers make a decision about a property within the first few minutes of entering your castle. The Queen will help you create a welcoming and wonderful first impression. She understands it is a hard process to sell your castle in these times. So she is here to help by bringing forth her magical ideas. When you place your home or castle on the market, it becomes a product; it's now a house, no longer your home, your castle.

Home Staging, Room Makeover and
Re-Design packages available
~ starting at $150 ~

According to the National Association of Realtors and of course the Room Makeover Queen:

  • Staged homes sell faster.
  • Staged homes are more likely to sell for more money than homes that are not staged to sell.
  • Staged homes are more attractive in MLS photos; these photos go out to thousands of potential buyers and their real estate agents; buyers decide what houses they want to visit by the pictures your realtor enlists on the MLS.
  • Staging your home makes it stand out from the competition. You will be competing against many other homes on the market. Make your home the one the buyer wants.
The Queen brings forth her magical Home Staging ideas.

Click here to see the Queen's magical Staging transformation of this room.
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The Room makeover Queen has the talents necessary to make your home or castle more desirable to a large number of potential buyers.

Your free consultation awaits you

She will help you craft a neutral space that will, in turn, enable more buyers to envision your house as their new home or castle.

The Room Makeover Queen will work with you room by room to create an inviting and enchanting environment that is necessary to sell your home for the most money. She will put together a step by step staging plan for your entire castle.

Your free consultation awaits you. Call 508-272-3194 or email, For Real Estate Professionals, the Room Makeover Queen provides a free real estate workshop.

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Home Staging before...


Home Staging After


Home Staging Before...


Home Staging After
The Room Makeover Queen

How the Hum-Drum Room Became a Royal Showplace