Chapter 6 Letters & Testimonials

The Story of the Room Makeover Queen

I just wanted to tell you a little bit about my experience working with Mishelle Almeida and the Room for You Foundation.

While going through my divorce I was fortunate enough to work with Joanie Winberg and the National Association of Divorce for Women and Children. Mishelle partnered with Joanie in order to provide women going through divorce the opportunity to get a fresh start by giving them a room makeover. I was lucky enough to be the first woman that Mishelle and her foundation worked with.

The Queen amuses herself by passing hours on creating ideas on the best way for each and every room makeover.

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Instantly when I met Mishelle I knew that this was going to be an enjoyable experience. Mishelle came in and listened to me and got ideas about what I wanted. She wanted to make sure that this was truly a space for me and a place that I would love. We spent a lot of time talking about colors, looking at fabrics talking about my likes and dislikes and decided on a plan.

Then the fun began, we stripped wallpaper, painted walls, refinished furniture, you name it. Mishelle has such a great personality it was so easy to work with her on this project.

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Room Makeover before

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Room for You Makeover
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Trust me there were a few comical moments as everything didn’t go “according to plan” and we had to improvise and reevaluate to get the job done.

In the end I have ended up with a bedroom which is a great retreat. A room that is truly mine, a reflection of me as a ‘single again’ woman. It is no longer a reminder of the life that I shared with my former spouse. After a difficult few years at the end of my marriage and the turmoil that I went through as my divorce progressed, it is great to have this space in my house that makes me feel as though I have truly moved on.

I am so grateful to Mishelle for doing this for women in my situation, I think that this is her calling and you should consider giving her to opportunity to do this for others.

Lori M.
Middleboro, MA

Thank you to these generous companies and individuals who contributed to this project: Sherwin Williams Raynham, MA; Lowe's Raynham, MA; Walmart Raynham, MA; Target Taunton, MA; Century 21 Best Choice, owner Jason Bruno; Kathy Powers, seamstress, Dighton, MA; Craig's Textiles, Rockland, MA; Happy Wednesday Foundation; Room for You Foundation

The Room Makeover Queen

How the Hum-Drum Room Became a Royal Showplace