Chapter 7 Tips & Tricks Re-Design

The Story of the Room Makeover Queen

Here are some of the Queen's Tips and Tricks to decorate and re-decorate for a royal haven.

Simply Decorate for a Fresh Start

De-clutter and organize.
Get rid of items you don’t need. Categorize what’s left, putting them into labeled storage containers. Contain miscellaneous items in catch-all baskets. Your room will look open and airy. You will feel lighter when you enter it.
Use your favorite color.
Look in your closet to see what color looks best on you and makes you feel good. If that color is too bold for the walls, use it in 3-5 strategic places; e.g. pillows, drapes, art.
Bring in fresh flowers and live plants.
They are always a good idea. The scent and texture will sooth you and bring the outdoors in. Toss any fake flowers and plants. They only collect dust.
Find your focal point.
Such as a fireplace, or a view you enjoy. If you don’t have one, create one by painting a wall a different color or by using a large piece of art. Arrange your furniture facing your focal point. Now you will love what you are looking at.
Create intimate spaces.
Move a chair, small table, and a lamp into a corner of your room. Add a throw blanket and a small pillow. You have created a cozy personalized reading nook.

These are some quick tips that will work for any room, to brighten your home and castle for the season.

Lighten Your Home for the Summer

Summertime: think about your wardrobe
Light colors, sheer fabrics, floral prints...a fresh feeling.
The queen's tips and tricks for a royal haven
Now bring those ideas into your home...its easier than you think.
Take the heavy comforter off of your bed; put a plain white coverlet in its will freshen any bedroom instantly.
Remove the drapes and valences from your them up and add light breezy sheers. It will brighten any room and flow romantically with the breeze.
Replace dark colored pillows on your bed or sofa with light, soft colored ones; a very quick way to change the color palette in a room.
Pack away a lot of the accessories around your house, just for the season. Put away some pictures, statues, knick-knacks... Replace with a simple vase holding fresh flowers and it will make you smile every time you enter the space.
Enjoy your summer!
The Room Makeover Queen

How the Hum-Drum Room Became a Royal Showplace