Chapter 7 Tips & Tricks Staging

The Story of the Room Makeover Queen

Buyers make a decision about a property within the first few minutes of entering your home. Staging your home makes it stand out from the competition. You will be competing against many other homes on the market. Make your home the one the buyer wants.

10 Tips for Staging Your Home for Sale

You must organize the mail, newspapers, school papers, pictures and all that mess that gathers in the corners, on the counters, bureaus, and stairs of the everyday home. Cabinets and closets should be organized. A messy closet gives the appearance the house does not have enough storage space.
Your house must be clean. Windows, faucets, mirrors should sparkle. Walls should have fresh paint if needed. Carpets cleaned. The yard and porches should be kept up and tidy. If necessary have the exterior power-washed.
The Queen offers 10 tips for staging your home for sale.

You will be competing against many other homes on the market. Make your home the one the buyer wants.

I know you have heard this a million times. You must make your house appealing to as many buyers as possible. Remember your 'home' is now a 'house''s a commodity. You may LOVE the purple accent wall in your bedroom, but believe it or not there are a few buyers out there who don't. You need to keep everything as neutral as possible so buyers can see their taste and style in your house. You should remove family pictures (buyers get distracted, they like to see who is in the pictures instead of looking at your house). You should also remove religious items.
Get rid of odors
Litter box or cigarette odors can make a buyer walk right back out the door and not even tour your home.
First impression
The front porch is very important. The buyer will usually wait here for their realtor to open the door. Make sure the front door and light fixtures are clean and in good condition. Use pots with colorful flowers in them to brighten up the area.
Remember your home is now a house...
it's a commodity.
You need to keep everything as neutral as possible

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Brighten your home
Again make sure windows are clean. Put the shades all the way up, allowing the maximum amount of sunlight to enter the room. Make sure all the shades are even with the other windows so they look uniform from the exterior. Window treatments should not be fussy, look in magazines to see what is current. The best look is usually a single decorative rod, placed slightly above your window and extending onto the walls by about 4"-6". This creates the illusion of bigger windows. The panels should be simple, and go from the rod to the floor.
Pick neutral colors, for the walls and the main furniture pieces. Then add splashes of a stylish color. This color should be picked up in the throw pillows, bedding, curtains and only a few accent pieces. Try to keep a complimentary color flow throughout the house. Most furniture pieces should be clear on the top to keep everything neat. There should be fresh flowers in key places and only real plants where needed.
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Buyers are looking for homes that offer them space to grow. Keep furniture to a minimum; put extra pieces in storage if necessary. Make sure each room has a distinct purpose; a guest room is a guest room, an office is an office. Move gym equipment into the basement; if you need to keep it set up make the area look like a work out space.
Create quaint areas
Arrange the furniture in a way that creates reading nooks, or conversation areas. Corners are often wasted space. Lose the newspaper pile and put two chairs in the corner with a small table between them, add a tray for tea and some flowers and you have created a quaint conversation area.
Lighting is a very important part of staging. Make sure all your light fixtures have bulbs that work. Also, get bulbs that are a lower wattage to create a comforting glow in the house. If there aren't any over-head lights in a room make sure there is a lamp on in the room. Bedrooms and conversation areas should have smaller lamps in them. The shades need to be in good shape and clean. Don't forget to remove all the plastic wrap from the lampshade.
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